Artist Statement

Physical, spiritual and emotional memories inspire the visual depth and density of my work. Through the use of art materials, these journeys, turning points, and the inevitable return to new beginnings are recorded. Abstracts and seascapes compose the majority of my compositions.

By superimposing layers of media, the varied themes and processes of my work are exposed. Materials for each image are selected based on what best fit that particular series. Natural and sensual materials such as oils and encaustic paint allow the blending of edges to create visual depth. Mixed media allows for another kind of mysterious and contemplative work. Different kinds of mark making are incorporated including specific symbols such as an alphabet that I created. Overlays of acrylic and gold leaf often enhance these works as well.

My seascapes are not literal interpretations, rather they articulate the quiet mystery and power of the natural world. By showing constant movement, natural rhythm, and a sense of place, these works communicate awareness. Such awareness of the intricacies of nature emphasize that we are all a part of everything. There is no real separation between the air, earth, water and humanity. When viewing paintings of these seemingly lonely places that are actually brimming with life, the objective is to transport the viewer to a feeling of connectedness.

Exploring my creative process has led me to the integration of my sea and landscape paintings with the work that I’ve recently been doing incorporating sigils (symbols imbued with magical intent). After the oil paint is dry on the sea/landscapes, I add a top layer by painting on the sigils with paint pens. The sigils themselves are created using a ritual process through which I translate my intentions into these magical marks. This composite work is another way of me expressing my desire to manifest specific intentions in the world while continuing to communicate my visceral and emotional reactions to the natural world and our human experience of it.

—Angela White